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Update 30 June 2020

The following restrictions will be enforced on southbound traffic entering Mexicali at the ports of entry:

Mexican officials are screening for the following requirements:

1. Use of face masks (or face covering) is mandatory
2. Travelers will be tested for COVID-19 related symptoms (temperature screening)
3. No more than two persons per vehicle.
4. Essential travel only — visits to the Municipality of Mexicali (which includes San Felipe) must be essential under the terms of the sanitary measures.
5. No alcoholic beverages in the vehicle unless they are accredited or permitted to be transported. 
Mexican authorities will verify that those individuals stopped at the checkpoints provide proof of their Mexican address or Mexican nationality. Travelers may be required to quarantine themselves at their homes. Penalties for violations may be imposed ranging from $3,475 to $17,376 MXN or up to 36 hours arrest in event of resistance. 

These new regulations are being enforced rigorously on weekends (Friday- Sunday) and randomly at other times of the week. Traffic jams have extended miles to the north of Calexico at times, with waits to cross the border into Mexico taking up to 7 hours.  

Because of the shutdown of breweries in Mexico, any beer found in a travelers vehicle that is in excess of the standard “allowance” (about 2 six packs) will be confiscated by the authorities. 
See this article in the Calexico Chronicle.

Future Tourist events in the San Felipe region.

Score-International has announced (25 June 2020) that the SCORE Baja 500 has been rescheduled 4-9th August 2020 in Ensenada. As of now, the other two desert races in 2020 are still on the schedule: the SCORE San Felipe 250 (September 22-27) and the previously announced season-ending SCORE Baja 1000 (November 17-22) starting and finishing in Ensenada. It is important to watch for any further announcements from SCORE International which may cause last-minute changes to these schedules.


The NORRA classic 1000 race (Ensenada to San Jose del Cabo) is deferred till October 3-8, passing through San Felipe 5-6 October.

Useful links to get additional information:

U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico see here

State of BajaCalifornia website here

Committee on Tourism (Mexicali, San Felipe) Phone +52 (686) 551-9800

Because of the great hardship that San Felipe is going through at this time, we have decided to halt all billing for our advertisers on this website until the pandemic abates and business starts to return to normal.